Ziglu Review — By Crypto Watcher

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  • I actually had a problem verifying my phone number, but I got through to customer support instantly over the phone and they fixed it for me so all was good. Was very impressed by the customer support. Phone, Live Chat, Email — all of them extremely fast to respond.

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  • Not much to say, besides it was quick and easy. No complaints.

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If I had to sum up the experience of purchasing crypto on the Ziglu App in one word, it would be ‘simple’ — it’s probably the easiest way to purchase crypto in the UK and I found it easier, quicker and better than using a traditional exchange.

What to improve

  • It would be cool if they added an option to withdraw / send crypto to an external wallet. Ziglu were recently acquired by Robinhood, so hopefully this deal will help Ziglu integrate these features into their app — We’d also love to see HOGE (Hoge Finance) added, and judging by these tweets, I’m guessing we aren’t far away from that happening!
  • https://twitter.com/ZigluMoney/status/1480502681290563585
  • https://twitter.com/ZigluMoney/status/1471089786538663939
  • If you want to use Ziglu and create an account, feel free to use our referral link, which can be found on our twitter!



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